Sometimes, Bigger Really is Better

Customers Are A Top Priority

At Reyes Beer Division, we’ve harnessed our large size and scale to work hard for you.

Decades of experience. National industry experts. An innovative workforce. In our case, we leverage our strengths to be extra valuable. Every single day.

What We’re Capable Of

We are a B2B organization and partner with businesses large and small within the areas that we operate. We work with everyone from restaurants, bars, taverns, event venues, supermarkets, convenience stores, liquor stores and more.

  • We source the absolute best selection of craft, import and domestic beers.
  • Our top priority is impeccable logistics. We make sure customers receive what they order, on time and with accuracy.
  • With our size and scale across America, we can leverage shared services to make operations even more efficient. We standardize and share best practices and offer cross-country training. All to benefit our customers and suppliers.
Warehouse Shelves

Laser-Focused On Local

With the best beer brands and network benefits, our customers get best-in-class local customer service from experienced professionals who know the markets they work in.

  • Our salespeople are certified experts: they must complete Cicerone training. What sommeliers are to wine, Cicerones are to beer. They pass on important knowledge about: keeping and serving beer; beer styles; flavor and tasting; brewing process and ingredients; and beer and food pairing.
  • Distributors can help customers with resources to navigate and comply with national and local laws, ordinances and regulations. Legal can be complicated. We’ll direct you.
Retail Beer Case

Operations Are Hopping

All puns aside, our operations are highly driven by measurement and analytics. We focus on development, progress and continuous improvement.

  • Our distributors have a commitment to be the absolute best.
  • We’re always pushing productivity and aiming to reduce waste through automation.
  • Our warehouses build pallets by layer so they’re easier to receive and count.

Beerline Has the Brews

Exclusive to Reyes Beer Division and our customers, is our cutting-edge tool that integrates with each distributor’s site.

It provides critical data and insights, uses analytics capabilities in inventory management and can help customers grow their businesses.

Customers can:

  • View pricing, inventory, deals and discounts
  • Check invoice and order history
  • Find product information
  • See their sales analytics
  • Browse the best selection of craft, import and domestic brands
  • Order online

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